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Introduction of Chris Jackson

Hello my name is Christopher John Jackson, you can call me Chris or CJ. I’m currently a backend PHP web developer who works for feelunique and I also worked with MSSQL and MongoDB, of course I use JavaScript in the frontend now and then.

At home I’ve dabbled with Go, Swift, C#, Docker and Podman; I’d like to learn continuously and gain a lot more skills and experience, I’ve already got six years commercial experience in development and hopefully I’d like to get into mobile application development for iOS and iPadOS and I’d like to get into macOS application development using Swift.

I prefer the strongly typed discipline over loosed typing, especially for big projects and I’m also a big fan of Test Driven Design. You can never be too careful nowadays. I do not like dealing with sloppy codes, it’s a nightmare to maintain in the long term, I prefer clean maintainable code, always.

I am a Windows, Linux and Mac user, I am highly proficient with all three platform, all of them have their pros and cons; my preferred terminal (even on Windows) of choice is Zsh with Oh My Zsh, I just love the git shortcuts it comes with.

I’ve studied at the University of Wolverhampton and I have degree in Computer Science, I’ve graduated in 2011.


I like to ride my eBike around the Island on a nice sunny day, enjoy the views and take some photos.

La Corbiere, St. Brelade, Jersey

St. Lawrence’s Pizza Quarter Hut, play on words I know 😂

I also like commuting to work by bike, I’ve never liked relying on public transport, it’s too noisy, I’d rather endure the rain and snow while riding my bike because I can and it’s not really bad when I get used it.

I like playing video games on my PS5 and Nintendo Switch, for when I just want to chill out and don’t feel like being productive. I also like to stream on Twitch, only when I’m feeling up to it. I’m not really a big time streamer.

I’d love to learn how to draw anime, still not very good at it yet, I’ve other commitments in life at the moment, I hardly find anytime to draw to be honest.

When I get time I like to visit the museum and learn about the history of anything, because history is always fun.

Victorian time living room, in Jersey Museum.

Some historic items at Jersey Museum.

I also enjoy writing blog post on my phone and tablet, when I’m out and about or when I’m in bed and don’t feel like sleeping just yet 😂. Anyway I use Bear as my go to app for writing in Markdown in iOS.

I also like to learn Japanese in my free time, learning a new language is always fun and that is important! 日本語は面白いですね。😊

I like watching wildlife programs and documentaries, I’m not a big fan of watching soap or reality TV shows.

I like science, but I completely despise of pseudoscience.

I also had people saying how many hobbies do you have? I would say a lot 😂

Feel free to follow me on social media, the links are in the footer. 😊

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