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Future Plans and Ambitions

Explaining my future plan and ambition

There are quite a lot of things, I would like to do in the future, I would like to get on board with machine learning that means I have to invest in getting a new machine and I could do it with my current machine, but that would mean switching OS, which I don’t want to do at all, as that will be too much hassle; so it will easier for me just to buy a new machine which would be the M1 iMac and hopefully I’ll be able to excel with machine learning, but honestly I do not know where to start on that exactly, but that okay, everything is a learning process. Yeah, my bank balance will take a bit of tumble but I’ve been through a lot worse, I’ve recovered from that and I’m pretty confident that I’ll recover again, I’ll do whatever I can to break even, by any means necessary and I can’t tell you exactly.

I’d also like to get better at drawing and I already brought an iPad just to do exactly that, I also ended up using that to do other things like notes of everything I learn during those online Japanese lessons, I’ve been enjoying so far, I’m not sure if I ever move to Japan, even if I fail to do so, I won’t regret learning, as life is supposed to be a learning experience anyway and I enjoy learning new language either spoken or programming language, I hope I get to learn ideas and concepts more in the future, which I’ll probably do.

I mean I ready been learning Swift on my iPad with Swift Playground, it’s been quite interesting actually. I don’t know, I brought the device to do one thing then I end up doing something else, but what can I say just go with the flow.

Also, I would need to brush up on my Twitch channel, it could do with a fresh coat of paint, basically, give it a fresh new look and I do have something in mind, I’d probably have to do that after I get the new machine, I can do it on my existing machine but the concern is that the resolution is a bit too low and I need plenty of headroom.

I’ll also be posting more content on YouTube, so I won’t just stick to one avenue, I’m going to take as many avenues as I can, my current boss thinks I take on too many hobbies, you know what, I think he right, but honestly that what drives me to do better in the future and I’ll not have any regrets. Honestly, I’m looking forward to it!!!

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