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I’ve Been a Victim of the Pig-Butchering Scam

Explaining my story of the scam I've been though.

During November last year 2022, I’ve been contacted by someone of the name ‘Alice’ on Instagram, she introduce me to short-term crypto trading, at first I invested around £100, I got around a 5% return on investment (which turned out to be a scam) so I was convinced into investing more money into the the system I went up to £3,000 and I almost took out a loan with my bank, which I’ve manage to cancel.

She got me onto WhatApps, she was contacting me every morning and every night, it was quite exhausting at times, she pretended to be rich and wealthy, at first I thought she had comprehensive knowledge but in reality she was reading from a script. She was doing what she can to stop me from thinking for myself and doing my own research, fortunately she failed to do that, I did do my research and I came across the site called Global Anti-Scam Org and from there I realised I was being scammed, the first thing I did was contact the bank and successfully cancelled the loan, if the loan money went into the scam, I’d of been in debt for about a year. I got in contact with Global Anti-Scam Org and than the Police.

She also tried to get me to borrow money from other people, which I choose not to do, I just don’t like being a burden to other people, so I don’t borrow money from others, not even for a penny.

I lost around £3,100, in the long term, I think I got off quite lightly, I’d say I was on the raising stage of the scam, there are four stages of the scam, I heard of other victims losing a lot more, up to a £1m, so I’ve decided to cut my loses. But still I would not wish any of this on my worst enemy.

I will admit, I still live with my parent, I had desires to move out and basically I wanted a better life for myself, sadly that what got me deep into the scam. She took advantage of my desire and that how she got me into the scam.

From this point forward, I won’t be doing any investment with people I haven’t met in reality. If someone send you a message and all of a sudden they are talking about cryptocurrency, I’d say just don’t go any further otherwise you might get scammed.

I’m very thankful I caught on quite early, it could of been a lot worse.

What do I have to say to anyone who been scammed?

I’d say don’t feel embarrassed about that, speak your mind about it, explain how you got caught up in the scam in much detail as you possibly can. The more you speak about it, the more other will become aware of it. Never suffer in silence, the scammer will use your silence to their advantage.

I’d also suggest you get in contact with the Police, but I’ll say the chances of you getting your money back is very slim. It best to get on with your normal life, that is what I’m doing right now.

Don’t think that it was your fault, it was their job to scam you and you did not deserve that, no one deserved to be scammed.

Also don’t get in contact with cryptocurrency recovery, that probably a scam as well, it better to cut your loses, I know that can be a bitter pill to swallow.

Got question to ask me? just ask in the comment section.

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