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I do accept donation, but I can only accept Monero at the moment, there are currency no plans to accept other currency and I will not be accepting fiat currencies in the future as that requires a custodial payment vendor, as someone who speaks their mind, that is a very big risk in this day and age.

Just to be very clear, you’re not obliged to donate. It’s completely optional and is pretty much appreciated, alternatively you can leave a comment on my blog post, but again that is also optional. 😊

Monero: 84G2dS6uBmYH7dALfA793qjixfPptRZsbLDVSGyaStrBPjEyUiKUwXJVJLeGSCtFptivH5DNEnqqzXrXFYqszaQqTi8yxp6

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