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Replacing Sudo With Doas on Arch Linux

About replacing sudo with doas

Sudo is a utility that let you run a command with root privileges, but the the issue with sudo is that it has so many lines of code, when the source code is compressed to a zip file it is around 5.6mb whereas opendoas that around 53kb

Using finder to compare file size

The more lines of code the bigger the attack vector, now that something I don’t want when running the command with root privileges, so I decided to replace sudo with doas.

On Arch Linux it is quite easy, first run the installation command.

sudo pacman -S opendoas

Create a new file /etc/doas.conf with the following content

permit setenv {PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin} :wheel

Now test the command by uninstalling sudo, assuming your account is in the wheel group.

doas pacman -R sudo

Than secure the doas.conf file

doas chown -c root:root /etc/doas.conf
doas chmod -c 0400 /etc/doas.conf

Well done you’ve completed setting up doas.

Optional Stuff

ln -s $(which doas) /usr/bin/sudo

Creating a safe environment for editing doas.conf similar to visudo.

Create /root/script/vidoas and add the following, you may want to replace nvim with your preferred text editor. 🙂


DOASDIR="/tmp/doas-$(date +%s)"
mkdir $DOASDIR
chmod 700 $DOASDIR

cp /etc/doas.conf $DOASFILE
chmod 600 $DOASFILE


doas -C $DOASFILE && echo "valid config" && cp $DOASFILE /etc/doas.conf && chmod 400 /etc/doas.conf || echo "invalid config"

rm -rf $DOASDIR

Than create /usr/local/bin/vidoas and add the following

if [ "$(id -u)" != 0 ]; then
        doas /root/script/vidoas

Change the permission of both files.

doas chmod 700 /root/script/vidoas
doas chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/vidoas

Then test it by running vidoas it should should create a temporary file inside the preferred text editor, on exit it will apply the changes if there is no errors.

Good reads

doas - ArchWiki
doas - Wikipedia

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